List of products by manufacturer SIRCA INTERNATIONAL

Ball valves 800#, full or reduced bore, with threaded ends.
Ball valves with threaded ends, full bore, with option of becoming automated with pneumatic or electric actuator. 
Butterfly valves metal-seated, HIGH PERFORMANCE – double and triple eccentricity, for demanding applications of flow isolation or flow control of aggressive...
Limit Switch boxes ATEX certified, for mounting on pneumatic actuators.  
Pneumatic actuators 90ο single and double acting, ATEX certified, for the motorization of butterfly valves and ball valves.
Ball valves wafer type, full bore, with ISO 5211 TOP and option of becoming automated with pneumatic or electric actuator. 
Butterfly valves wafer & lug type for manual operation, with the option of becoming automated by an electrical or pneumatic actuator.  
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